Scrolling through the newsfeed

Oh, look! A meal I won’t get to eat! Oh, look! A party I wasn’t invited to! Oh, look! An adorable baby! My, he’s certainly grown in the past two hours! Oh! No, I did not really want to know about your young child’s progress in her personal habits. When I was at this stage with my children, I kept this topic strictly to myself. Really.

You all are simply Too Precious For Words.

Of course, the absolutely most annoying people on a certain social media site are the ones who like to point out what annoying things other people do.

That is why I started this blog. All that sarcasm needs someplace else to go, someplace that is removed from the context of that certain social media site. Here we are.

And no, this blog is not going to be unmitigated spitefulness and snark about social media. I will be posting about books I like and things that are fun to do in Cleveland, Ohio and possibly even more. However, this is the place where I give myself permission to anonymously vent about how annoying certain social media sites can be. I swear I’m getting to the point where I’m not following more people than I am following. This probably says something about me, which may not necessarily be good. But, you know, now I have a blog and a really good pseudonym to go with it.

Here we are.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

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