It’s distinctly possible that there are many, many people out there who are a lot nicer than I am.

I marvel at them every day.

On That Certain Social Media Site, I marvel. All those nice, nice people who “like” that photo of that delicious dinner. Who are willing to comment in praise of those pretty veggies topped with the perfectly-cooked meat. Who don’t automatically think “God, get over yourself” when shown somebody else’s chef-worthy plate of yum.

Who are these people and why don’t these posts annoy them? I mean, there is only one polite way to deal with annoying posts on social media: namely, ignore them. Don’t post snide comments. Don’t talk about how jealous you are. Just keep scrolling right along until you find something that actually is funny, or interesting, or thought-provoking. Wait, this is social media. You might just have to log off and hope for something better tomorrow.

I just can’t fathom what is going through the minds of people who respond in a positive way to other people’s conspicuous brag posts that unashamedly beg for praise and affirmation. I suppose they have achieved a level of “I’m so happy for you” that I can’t quite manage.

I think the problem is that there is no subtlety on social media. It’s all “Look what I made!” or “God, this sucks…” or “Hooray, aren’t you wonderful!” There is no weak smile and glancing away on the social media.

I find that level of directness to be  exhausting. Exhaustion makes me mean-spirited and unable to rejoice in other people’s oh-so-yummy dinners and oh-so-adorable children and oh-so-meaningful reunions.

Or maybe I just was never that nice to begin with. That’s completely possible.

All those nice, nice people who give their self-centered self-aggrandizing friends the praise they are begging for? Too, too precious.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

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