The Disciplined Blogger

Even though I, at times, very much dislike That Certain Social Media Site, I’m finding that it’s much easier to toss off a one-liner on social media than it is to keep on blogging. I’m having a day when it is undoubtedly all about the process. This is my third attempt at a blog entry this morning. Yes, everything I’m thinking is dull and everything I’m writing is ponderous and I have mentally committed to the process of updating this blog a couple of times a week.

Here we are.

“Here We Are,” by the way, is the title of one of my favorite stories by Dorothy Parker. Parker conveys social awkwardness better than any other writer I can think of. And she describes the pathos and humor of social awkwardness during the time between the wedding ceremony and the wedding night in a way that makes me wince and smile at the same time. You should read “Here We Are.” Really, you should.

I do wonder, sometimes, would Dorothy Parker keep a blog if she were alive now? She was very much a woman of her time, mastering the art of the short story and the art of reviewing during a time when new magazines were the mass media and it was possible to make a living writing for them. Would she now be sharing her epigrams on That Certain Social Media Site? Or would she save them for her colleagues at the lunch table?

I am in every way confident that Dorothy Parker would have kept a blog going, even if she would have driven online editors crazy by not updating it often enough because she was trying to get every darn post so darn perfect. Of course, her blog would be linked to the website of a famous magazine, not some solo spin-off like this.

I wonder, though, whether she would have felt the appeal of an online blog with an online pseudonym where she could feel free to vent about the irksomeness of her society while hiding in plain sight.

Oh, look. Here I am, drifting into a comparison of myself with Dorothy Parker. Unspeakable arrogance. And undoubtedly a strong signal that I should stop now.

Here’s my blog entry for the day, everyone. Isn’t she a beauty?

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

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