Late to the party

Is it even too late to be making fun of That Certain Social Media Site on this blog? Is it simply not enough of a topic anymore, because it’s become too commercial and too boring and people are leaving in droves?

I’ve read at least a couple of articles about how young people are not following their parents, and in some cases their grandparents, onto That Certain Social Media Site. Well, I don’t blame them. This winter my entire newsfeed was taken up by parents moaning about weather-related school closings (deal, guys) and vacation photos and baby pictures (control yourselves, please. Your vacation and your baby are not fascinating enough for daily photo updates). Something that used to be fun and a way to connect to friends has somehow evolved into an online version of the most boring family reunion ever. Young people are fully justified in choosing other social media.

I’m starting to wonder why I am still there myself (if you’ve been following this blog, you’ve probably wondered this too. Admit it.). I don’t know, I have a small group of friends who use the private messaging to plan going out to dinner as a group. And if I have a random question I want to ask of someone who lives in my community but whose paths never cross with mine, it’s handy that way as well.

Still, more and more, I’m just not interested. And honestly, I’m starting to wonder about the mental make-up of the people who still seem to be really invested in it.

Why do some people post every couple of hours? They might as well be telling the world that they are lonely and they need to spend time with actual people in real life. Why do some people only post memes? Do they not see that this is the equivalent of  Uncle Joe forwarding that list of Ten Best Lawyer Jokes out to his entire email list? Why do some people keep posting photos that only serve to illustrate that they have never figured out how to frame a shot?

Horrified fascination with a deluge of dullness is about what I’m experiencing. I don’t think anyone could create an algorithm that would bring back the shiny allure of 2007. The site has become so boring that it’s starting to prickle.

I guess it’s just turned into something I do. Check my hotmail (yes, I’m old and stodgy) and my gmail (still trying for a degree of cool, I guess) and my account on That Certain Social Media Site.

Sometimes old habits are hard to break.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

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