Shallow Pockets

All right, congratulations. You’ve got a cause you believe in. And oh, aren’t you just being so sensitive to your online community by swearing up and down that this is the only cause for which you will be advocating this year.

“Really! Just this one! I’ll never ask you for money on That Certain Social Media Site again this year! I just really really believe in this cause, and I’m only three pledges away from my goal, so won’t you please put me over the top? Oh! Now I’m only two pledges away! I won’t bother you for money again this year!”

Just calm down, please. Because from the point of view of the rest of us, the fact that this is the One and Truly Only Fundraising Cause you’re espousing this year is obscured by you bringing up your One and Truly Only Fundraising Cause every day for a month. Accompanied by photos of you. And your team. And your child, if you are doing the online equivalent of selling Girl Scout cookies at the office for your precious little one, who’s supposed to be out there ringing doorbells all by herself so she can learn about salesmanship and rejection and following through and all those things she definitely won’t be learning because Mommy posted her little efforts out on social media.

And it just never ends. If you are “friends” (and I use the term loosely) with 180 people on That Certain Social Media Site, and only twelve of them like to go trolling for your gold online, that does mean that at every given look at the newsfeed, you’re hearing all about someone’s wonderful, wonderful cause. And how you should give your money to it.

Call me overly-sensitive if you like, and plenty do, but I find it galling to be solicited for cash by people who don’t invite me to their parties, never ever see me in person, and would never even take two minutes to send me a private message asking me how I am.

But golly, do they like my money. They just can’t wait to become better acquainted with my credit card.

I guess people do this because it works. All these nice, nice people are just so eager to applaud your investment of time and effort in your worthwhile little fundraising cause. And they are so, so falling all over themselves to tell everyone else how look! they came through to get you closer to your fundraising goal! So everyone can look generous and thoughtful and invested in the community! Win-win-win!

Except those of us who are rolling our eyes and wishing with all our hearts that That Certain Social Media Site still had that nice obvious “unsubscribe” option on the menu, which could contribute with one little click to make our online social experience less shrill and more pleasant.

People who are just so glowing with enthusiasm for their fundraising causes that they just can’t bear to keep them to themselves? Too precious for words.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

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