Social Media in Conversation

“I loved your facebook post!” “I really liked what you said on facebook last night.”

I don’t get these face-to-face comments a lot, but when I do, they leave me somewhat bemused. The only proper answer, obviously, is “thank you” with a smile. Of course, the reason I’m smiling is because there is a very easy way on That Certain Social Media Site to demonstrate that you like someone’s post. A simple click of the “like” button, and Bob’s your uncle, as they say. However, never in my experience has anyone who told me that she liked my post actually “liked” it actually on facebook. Which is kind of funny to me.

I mean, darn it, people should like what I post on That Certain Social Media Site (and btw, Hobbie is not on that site. I actually facebook under my real name, which shall never, never appear on this blog. Hobbie and I lead separate lives.). I try to avoid all the pitfalls and irritations about which I complain so profusely here on this blog. I try to keep sarcasm to a minimum and I never argue with anyone. I put a lot of effort into being very pleasant, and also clever, on That Certain Social Media Site.

It’s probably why I enjoy the blog experience so much. It’s such a relief to stop being so nice and let my snarky side out for a run. Just like Elsa tossing her gloves to the wind from the snowy mountain top. Let it go!

Now that I’m thinking about it, perhaps I should give Hobbie her own profile on That Certain Social Media Site. That would be so meta, if my pseudonym who is constantly complaining about how other people use social media had her own social media profile!

It would probably be too precious for words.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy


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