Stick ’em up

Hello, my name is Hobbie. I am a mom and I do not own a glue gun.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, we *have* a glue gun in our house. Somewhere. But I wouldn’t know how to use it, even if I could find it. And finding it is probably not happening anytime soon. By anyone in our house.

Want to know who bought the glue gun, and who uses it at our house? It’s my husband. Yes, my charming, clever, IT geek of a husband is sporting the Martha Stewart persona in our house.

Not me, honey. Never, ever, me.

One time, when my daughter was in second grade, I sewed red patches on a men’s large blue T shirt so my daughter could be Pippi Longstocking for Halloween. Of course, I was laid up with a sprained ankle at the time. Still, it is undoubtedly the pinnacle of my career as Crafty Mom. I was kind of hoping that my daughter would just keep on dressing up as Pippi for Halloween until it stopped being cute, because then, you know, she could just keep wearing that costume I sewed by hand. Sort of. I sewed the patches on by hand. With big raggedy uneven stitches, because isn’t that the way Pippi herself would do it?

What this means is that I will never be able to post photos of Look-What-I-Made-With-Felt-Scraps-And-A-Glue-Gun on That Social Media Site. I will never open an account (or profile? See, I don’t even know) on Pinterest so I may commune with other crafty-minded souls.

All that I love is books, everyone. And playing the piano. And other things that don’t lend themselves to demonstrations of how awesome I am online. Except…

Oh, look! I made this blog!

But it didn’t take a glue gun.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

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