Meta without the Links

So recently a “friend” on That Certain Social Media Site linked to an article by an actual, published columnist about how she doesn’t like that people are publishing lists of annoying social media behaviors. If I were a real cutting-edge blogger, I would link to this article. Because I am a beastly slacker, I’m just going to let you do an internet search for it if you want to. In my experience, links to articles tend to be like the floor plans in Agatha Christie mystery novels, in that I suspect most readers just skip right over them. So no link, and you’ll have to take my interpretation of this article as gospel unless you do the search.

Anyway, my “friend” agreed with this columnist, and told us all how much she loves posting to That Certain Social Media Site. Well, yes, dear, we all guessed that. We all are able to follow your vacations hour-by-hour, we all know exactly what articles are trending in your profession, and we even know about the symptoms displayed by your child when she is suffering from a virus in the middle of the night. It’s clear to us that you are a real fan of That Certain Social Media Site.

I don’t know, it seems to me that people have a perfect right to tell the world that there are in fact a lot of behaviors on That Certain Social Media Site that are really, really annoying. The lists I’ve seen don’t even touch on all of them; of course, if they did, they’d be so long that nobody would read the whole list. In my experience, any list published online has a very obvious title in big letters, making it very easy to decide not to read it if you don’t want to.

The thing that is really rude and annoying, in my opinion, is people who choose That Certain Social Media Site as the venue for complaining about how other people use it. But if you publish a list elsewhere? If you have a secret, pseudonymous blog expressly for the purpose of making fun of social media? Go for it.

And I do.

Therefore, I am using my social-media-topic blog to talk about a post on That Certain Social Media Site that references an article that comments on a list of social media behaviors. How meta is that? I ask  you.

Is it **more** meta not to include the links? Are there degrees of being meta?

Questions for the ages.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy


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