It was just right

I find, when blogging, that I’m trying to strike a good balance. I don’t want to over-share. I don’t want to lurk. I want my communication level in the social media sphere to be “just right.” (Thanks, Goldilocks.)

I’m sure we’ve all been the victim of a social media acquaintance who is prone to over-share. Her status updates choke our news feed on That Certain Social Media Site. Her new blog posts completely dominate our list of “Blogs You Follow.”

And on top of that, a lot of what she says are things we really don’t need or want to know. Young children’s personal habits, for instance. Good grief, any progress your young child is making in that area is about HIM, not about YOU, plus these topics never counted as polite conversation in civilized society anyway. So, please. Social media isn’t the place. At all. Neither am I interested in anyone’s minute-by-minute reactions to what they’re watching on television. Anyone who does that should consider hosting viewing parties if sharing is so important to the experience. That way, a person may be assured of an interested audience. Not an audience whose brain is set to ignore, ignore, ignore as she hurries through dozens of closely-related posts.

In contrast, we have the person who occasionally “likes,” even less occasionally comments, but never, ever seems to have anything to say. You have to kind of wonder why they bother. It would be kind of creepy, in a way, a little like spying, except because that person never says anything we never think about her. Really, what’s the point?

Well, one algorithm I’d certainly like to see in social media is one that lets users limit the number of posts they see from other users. I may like hearing from a certain person, but not necessarily six times a day. If I could have a setting that allows, say, one post per “friend” or “blogger” per day, I’d become a much more happy fan of the social media experience.

So, come on, social media. Get on it. What are you waiting for?

For myself, I’ve concluded that a couple times a week blogging, plus once a day at the most on That Certain Social Media Site, is just about the right temperature for my porridge. I care about sharing, but not taking over other people’s experience.

Maybe I’ll astonish the online world one day by posting a blog entry on a day that isn’t either a Monday or Thursday.

Hang onto your hats, everyone. It could happen.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy


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