Everyone Else Is Doing It

What? What is everyone else doing? Do I care? Do you?

Okay, as always when this claim is made, it is an exaggerated one. Absolutely everyone else isn’t doing this. However, enough people and enough groups are doing this to excite comment from me, Hobbie DeHoy, obscure internet blogger.

Everyone else is publishing lists of Classic Novels That Everyone Must Read. The names vary slightly, but that is the gist of these book lists. For a while there on the social media, they were all nice neat lists of fifty, or one hundred. However, this morning I saw a link to a list of 33 classic books to make you forget your smartphone! Well, heck! Who needs nice round numbers?

By jiminy, I’m going to make my own list of Classic Novels That Everyone Must Read, and there will be as many novels on that list as I say there are.

By what authority to I make my list? Well, I’m an English major. I read English and American classics for fun. What do you think? Am I eminently qualified to make my own list? I say that I am. I may not be the BBC, or any of those intellectual giants from RealSimple.com, but I am a blogger and a reader and I’m fairly sure that qualifies me to put some sort of list out there on the internet.

Besides, one of my friends on That Certain Social Media Site said that she would read the books if I made a list. Of course, she doesn’t know about this blog site, and I’m not even remotely tempted to blow my cover. Well, maybe I could private message her…

Anyway, this week I am going to have my kind of fun putting this list together. I will publish it in the next post, so I can name the post Classic Novels That Everyone Must Read.

Because how will the world find my list if I don’t have the right title for my blog entry? I ask you.

This list will be my ticket to internet fame. I can just feel it.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy


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