Please stop talking.

Hey, wow, look, WordPress has completely changed its formatting since I was here earlier this year.  How about that?

Anyway, I’m back and filled with the usual simmering rage I usually bring to my blog posts. This is because I keep this blog to let out all the things I can’t say in real life (if I were a hipster I’d call it IRL) on social media.

You all don’t know that I get really into politics and elections. Guess what this post is going to be about? Go on, guess.

Oh! You got it! Primary season! Yes! It’s finally over; except for the people who are behaving as though it isn’t. But, really, yes. The primary season is over, especially on the Democratic side, because that uppity female candidate WON, guys, in the popular vote and the delegate count and the superdelegate count, and gosh, these are the ONLY THREE MEASURES THAT COUNT in the primary process.

Earlier this year, specifically in February, I broke a self-imposed law. I had vowed, originally, that I would keep a lid on it on social media during the primary season. I am an enthusiastic Democrat, and I thought I would be all high-minded and not come out in support of either candidate during the primaries, because I knew I’d be backing whoever won it in the general election.

Why did I break my silence? Because all those people who support Bernie Sanders would not shut up on social media. Not content with merely one Bernie post per day, they would post about five in a row.  Not content with simply being pro-Bernie, they also became very anti-Hillary very loud and very early. Also also, they became condescending and misogynistic about Hillary Clinton supporters and her campaign. Up with which I would not put.

Seriously, guys, we’re all Democrats. Fine, okay, get behind Mr. Left-Wing-I’m-Using-The-Democratic-Party-To-Further-My-Political-Ambitions-Because-I-Just-Realized-That-Independents-Don’t-Have-The-Infrastructure-To-Take-My-Message-To-The-National-Level.

Oh, dear. Here I meant to be all respectful and everything, even though I’m angry. But, well, venting my spleen is what this blog is all about. Stop reading if you don’t like it.

It was also distressing to my feminist feelings how nobody, but nobody, was being very public in social media about supporting Hillary Clinton. It kind of had me worried there, for a while. Until the primary results started revealing the beautiful truth: Bernie supporters yapped away incessantly on social media AND Hillary supporters actually turned out to vote. I knew I was in the right camp!

One of my favorite quotes from this primary season came (I’m pretty sure) from sci-fi writer and political blogger John Scalzi, who noted that, “Democrats have come out in large numbers to quietly vote for Hillary Clinton.” (I may be paraphrasing here. I just spent a lot of time on Mr. Scalzi’s blog, hunting around for the original post, and I’m too lazy to look any more.)

To me, the key word here is “quietly.”  When I said the hell with it, I’m posting about how much I adore Hillary Clinton and her policies, back in February, only a couple of people liked my status updates. Last week, when I had the effrontery to be jubilant because, by golly, Hillary Clinton EARNED her victory, I had more than twenty people liking my post. And most of those people didn’t post their own “YAY WE MADE HISTORY!!” remarks on their status updates, even though they liked what I said.

I do wonder why Hillary Clinton supporters, at least in my community, haven’t been more vocal all along about their support for her. Do they simply choose not to get political on social media, because it’s a good way to get some really heated comment threads going and they want to stay the hell out of the kitchen?

Or is it because the level of vitriol against a female candidate for a major party in a Presidential election has a special kind of vile that they were consciously avoiding?  There’s been an upsetting amount of verbiage around that Hillary Clinton supporters don’t really understand the issues, that if they would stop voting with their vaginas and listen to Bernie Sanders, of course they would vote for him instead!

Um, no. I’ll be damned before I vote for someone who joined the Democratic Party five minutes before his campaign started so he could use the infrastructure other people have spent decades putting together while at the same time vilifying that very same Democratic Party and the head of the DNC who happens to be a woman. I’ll be damned before I vote for yet another white man against a woman candidate who’s smart and knowledgeable and has spent part of her career actually working with Republicans to get things done, back when that was still a thing.  I am tired of issues like abortion and family leave and equal pay taking a back seat because a male President will never feel the same urgency about these things that a female President will.

So, I think everyone in D.C. who wants to vote for Bernie should totally do it, because I think everyone should vote for whoever she wants, no matter when that primary is.

Everyone else, especially men: Hillary won the primary, fair and square, by every relevant measure, so shut up. I’ve already heard enough of your nonsense this season.

And I know I’ll hear a lot more, during the campaign and during her Presidency.

Doesn’t matter. #ImWithHer.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy



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