Social Media

Please stop talking.

Hey, wow, look, WordPress has completely changed its formatting since I was here earlier this year.  How about that?

Anyway, I’m back and filled with the usual simmering rage I usually bring to my blog posts. This is because I keep this blog to let out all the things I can’t say in real life (if I were a hipster I’d call it IRL) on social media.

You all don’t know that I get really into politics and elections. Guess what this post is going to be about? Go on, guess.

Oh! You got it! Primary season! Yes! It’s finally over; except for the people who are behaving as though it isn’t. But, really, yes. The primary season is over, especially on the Democratic side, because that uppity female candidate WON, guys, in the popular vote and the delegate count and the superdelegate count, and gosh, these are the ONLY THREE MEASURES THAT COUNT in the primary process.

Earlier this year, specifically in February, I broke a self-imposed law. I had vowed, originally, that I would keep a lid on it on social media during the primary season. I am an enthusiastic Democrat, and I thought I would be all high-minded and not come out in support of either candidate during the primaries, because I knew I’d be backing whoever won it in the general election.

Why did I break my silence? Because all those people who support Bernie Sanders would not shut up on social media. Not content with merely one Bernie post per day, they would post about five in a row.  Not content with simply being pro-Bernie, they also became very anti-Hillary very loud and very early. Also also, they became condescending and misogynistic about Hillary Clinton supporters and her campaign. Up with which I would not put.

Seriously, guys, we’re all Democrats. Fine, okay, get behind Mr. Left-Wing-I’m-Using-The-Democratic-Party-To-Further-My-Political-Ambitions-Because-I-Just-Realized-That-Independents-Don’t-Have-The-Infrastructure-To-Take-My-Message-To-The-National-Level.

Oh, dear. Here I meant to be all respectful and everything, even though I’m angry. But, well, venting my spleen is what this blog is all about. Stop reading if you don’t like it.

It was also distressing to my feminist feelings how nobody, but nobody, was being very public in social media about supporting Hillary Clinton. It kind of had me worried there, for a while. Until the primary results started revealing the beautiful truth: Bernie supporters yapped away incessantly on social media AND Hillary supporters actually turned out to vote. I knew I was in the right camp!

One of my favorite quotes from this primary season came (I’m pretty sure) from sci-fi writer and political blogger John Scalzi, who noted that, “Democrats have come out in large numbers to quietly vote for Hillary Clinton.” (I may be paraphrasing here. I just spent a lot of time on Mr. Scalzi’s blog, hunting around for the original post, and I’m too lazy to look any more.)

To me, the key word here is “quietly.”  When I said the hell with it, I’m posting about how much I adore Hillary Clinton and her policies, back in February, only a couple of people liked my status updates. Last week, when I had the effrontery to be jubilant because, by golly, Hillary Clinton EARNED her victory, I had more than twenty people liking my post. And most of those people didn’t post their own “YAY WE MADE HISTORY!!” remarks on their status updates, even though they liked what I said.

I do wonder why Hillary Clinton supporters, at least in my community, haven’t been more vocal all along about their support for her. Do they simply choose not to get political on social media, because it’s a good way to get some really heated comment threads going and they want to stay the hell out of the kitchen?

Or is it because the level of vitriol against a female candidate for a major party in a Presidential election has a special kind of vile that they were consciously avoiding?  There’s been an upsetting amount of verbiage around that Hillary Clinton supporters don’t really understand the issues, that if they would stop voting with their vaginas and listen to Bernie Sanders, of course they would vote for him instead!

Um, no. I’ll be damned before I vote for someone who joined the Democratic Party five minutes before his campaign started so he could use the infrastructure other people have spent decades putting together while at the same time vilifying that very same Democratic Party and the head of the DNC who happens to be a woman. I’ll be damned before I vote for yet another white man against a woman candidate who’s smart and knowledgeable and has spent part of her career actually working with Republicans to get things done, back when that was still a thing.  I am tired of issues like abortion and family leave and equal pay taking a back seat because a male President will never feel the same urgency about these things that a female President will.

So, I think everyone in D.C. who wants to vote for Bernie should totally do it, because I think everyone should vote for whoever she wants, no matter when that primary is.

Everyone else, especially men: Hillary won the primary, fair and square, by every relevant measure, so shut up. I’ve already heard enough of your nonsense this season.

And I know I’ll hear a lot more, during the campaign and during her Presidency.

Doesn’t matter. #ImWithHer.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy



The Mommy Updates

Don’t you sometimes feel a little sorry for small children whose lives are being relentlessly documented on social media? I totally do. The way I see it, the oversharing occurs on two different levels:  one, way too often; and two, way too much private information.

I mean, small children are totes adorbs. No question. I understand the temptation to share. But, you know what? Little Nathan looks pretty much the same as he did yesterday. Or two days ago. Or last week. I have this friend with twin babies, and the babies frequently tend to adopt mirror poses; i.e. they are both sleeping on the same side with their arms spread out in the same way and clutching a stuffed animal in the same kind of grip with the same hand. Absolutely cute, the first five times I saw it. Now, I just can’t make myself join the one hundred and seven other people who have “liked” the post. It’s still cute, but it’s hard to really appreciate them as often as the frequency of posting demands.  My response is more like, “Yep. There go the babies again.” They’ve turned into another spot on the wallpaper, which is too bad because they really are cuties.

Also, and I say this as the doting mother of two, isn’t there anything else these people want to share on social media? Too well I remember the feeling of being sucked down into the vortex of parenting the preschool set. At that time, I really relished the opportunities I had to discuss topics that weren’t about addressing basic needs and civilizing the little darlings in my care. Social patter on That Certain Social Media Site really isn’t that challenging. Can’t some people find something to say instead of something to show?

Well, no. No, they can’t. Because TCSMS has turned into one endless scroll down pic after pic after pic. Show and tell. And evidently little kids are perennially popular exhibits. At least to the people who are showing and telling about them; namely, their parents. For the rest of us, maybe not so much.

For me, definitely not so much. I think I’m making that pretty clear.

On to the second, and to me, more troubling problem: way too much information. Yes, most children are learning the same major life skill between two and three years of age. Do we have to write it down? Do we have to talk about how it’s going? Or, in far too many cases, how it’s NOT going?

Ew. Yuck. Just stop it with these kind of updates on social media, parents. For one thing, this is not about YOU, it is about your CHILD and his or her readiness to acquire a new skill. Also, it’s pretty disgusting for those of us who don’t care. I will never get a medal for this, I know, but I  had nothing to say on this topic even when it was a high subject of interest on a very personal level at my house.  Because I can recognize that certain topics are off limits for polite conversation.  They’re called boundaries, guys. Let’s recognize them. Also also, how do you think your kids will feel when they’re old enough to realize exactly what you’ve been sharing about them on social media? Okay, yeah, maybe they’ll never find out. I imagine that by the time a person is old enough to have a social media presence, he has better things to do than go years back into his mom’s status updates from the year when he was two. But still. It could happen. Or, what is more likely to happen, a person’s sibling could go back and find photos and status updates and use them for merciless internet taunting. Fun times.

So, mommies, it’s time to get a grip. Just because you can share it doesn’t mean that you should.

In fact, if it’s not a proud moment for your child, it shouldn’t be up there. Because any more than that is boring to your friends and unkind to your child.

Think. Think, think, think before you post. I realize that’s a lot to ask in the context of social media.

But I think it’s worth a try.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

Blogging’s More Fun

Of course blogging’s more fun… that’s why we do it. Without thought of pay, fame, recognition (okay, a little bit of the last is always nice) we sit down at our PCs and blog, blog away!

More fun than what? More fun than That Certain Social Media Site, that’s for sure. You know the one, right? The one that’s so famous it had a movie made about it. That social media site. I’m becoming increasingly disenchanted with the whole TCSMS experience. I mean, even more than usual. I’m pretty sure it used to be better, back in 2008 when all you could do was type something into your status update. No pics, no links… gosh, people actually had to think before they posted something. I mean, there was certainly evidence that some people didn’t think a whole lot before they posted, but at least they were saying something.

Here in the halcyon days of 2015, TCSMS has devolved into one long painful bout of Show And Tell. For adults. Who aren’t supposed to need Show And Tell anymore, because we can converse with one another on more nuanced topics. Except that we don’t.

Look! Look at my pic of my adorable children! Look! Look at my selfie posing during my vacation! Look! Look at my kitty! Never mind that I post a kitty picture of this very same kitty at least a couple of times a week! Look at him this week! He’s looking out the window!

Look! Read this article! Laugh at this meme! Get a little weepy when this inspirational quote touches your heart!

Look! Anyone who’s really my friend will comment! Anyone who is really a decent person will share! I will know who you are when you do what I say!

Oh, my. Just stop. Please. Tell me how your day was. Tell me what your plans for tomorrow are. Tell me what you’ve read lately. Tell me what kind of year you’re having.

Don’t show me. Tell me. In your very own words.

Well, I guess that’s what the blogosphere is for. Writing, writing, and writing. Much more fun.

Of course, plenty of people link to pictures and videos and articles from their blog sites as well. But, in my opinion, on the more enjoyable sites these aren’t the content. They can add to the content, for sure. But they aren’t the centerpiece.

I’m getting a strong sense that a TCSMS tantrum is imminent, the kind where you say all the unkind things that you’ve been suppressing for far too long and flounce away from the site, signing out for one last beautiful time. I did that, once. I announced that I was leaving TCSMS, and I stayed away for quite a few months. I think I’ll do it again. Minus the tantrum and the flounce.

I don’t think there’s any point in announcing it this time, though. I don’t have much I want to say there, anymore. I’m not a jumper and shouter. I don’t wave my hand in the air for attention. And that’s all the site has become. An online forum for people who want your attention — quickly! — right now! — and then move on to the next thing.

Okay, that’s what I’m doing. I will log in once a day to see if anyone’s left me a private message, just in case, and then I’m out of there.

I’m pretty sure I won’t miss it.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

Look at All That Snow

I live in Northeast Ohio, and I have to say that I find That Certain Social Media Site exceptionally tedious when we are experiencing winter weather.

I am not a big fan of winter. I am not a big fan of snow. We shovel our driveway by hand, we shovel our sidewalks by hand, and our hundred-year-old house gets chilly when it’s cold out. I get very nervous about driving in snow, slush, and ice; and I live in an inner-ring suburb that is locally infamous for being slow in getting around to plowing and salting. This is supposedly because we don’t have a lot of industry OR the tax base that goes with it, to pay for plow trucks.

So then, cheery little posts about all the pretty snow falling? Don’t want to hear it. Chirpy little photos of adorable dogs playing in the snow? Save them for someone who cares. Smug little posts from people who can work from home and just need to sit back by the fireside and watch the flakes come down while they wait for their plow service to clear the driveway? Please just stop. Please.

Why, yes, I am being grouchy and bitter. That’s what this blog and this pseudonym are for. In real life, I quietly scroll through these kinds of posts, not liking them, definitely not commenting on them, just lurking about and being mildly irritated. This blog is where I vent, when it all just becomes too much.

To continue, I notice that pretty snowscapes seem to bring out the amateur photographer in an awful lot of people. You all probably are not being as artistic as you think you are, guys. I can see it all outside my window, without any help from you. Thanks anyway.

Finally, and possibly most irritating of all, are the people who make an event out of second-guessing school districts who decided to close the schools, or decided to keep the schools open, or decided on, Horror of Horrors! a two-hour late start. The superintendent isn’t going to change her mind just because you people are moaning about her decisions on social media, people. Yes, it is inconvenient to have your day disrupted, but being a parent means figuring it out on the fly sometimes. You may also want to consider the possibility that what is going on with plowing on your street may not be representative of the plowing that has taken place in other parts of your school district.

Man, I really dislike winter a whole heaping lot. As heaping as those two giant banks of snow on either side of my driveway. I can’t wait to heave new shovelfuls of heavy snow up to my shoulders to clear my driveway the next time around. Hooray.

Also, I hate it that we live in a walking community, and most people don’t shovel their sidewalks.

Well, I guess that’s it. You can see why I have the pseudonym, can’t you?

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

Socially Awkward

Does it seem a little, well, high school to you, when people post pictures of themselves and their friends on That Certain Social Media Site? I mean, I’ve always been a little camera-shy myself, so I don’t appear in a lot of candid photos. And now, in my forties, I’ve never yet taken a selfie. I do have friends my age, and older, who definitely think it is the thing to take and post a group shot at a restaurant or when they are all glammed up ready to go out. And I’m sorry, but every time I see one of those I think high school yearbook. And not in a good way. Can we seriously get beyond behaving like a bunch of seventeen-year-olds, twenty-five years later? I guess not.

It’s also weird when you see one person who you think is really very nice, posing with a couple of other people who are really just mean. And I know, I know, this sounds a little high school of me, too. But still, it weirds me out. Evidently, the nice person doesn’t think her friends are mean people. Does that mean she’s maybe not really as nice as you think? Or that she just is able to get beyond certain behavior attributes, in a way that makes you feel small because you still die inside when you realize you have to be in the same room with those same people?

Why, yes. I am socially awkward. How did you guess?

Certain behaviors, such as catty questioning and snide assumptions, still do cause me to freeze up and shut down in the presence of certain other people. Maybe I’m such a quiet person in general, that this is not terribly obvious. Maybe it’s clear to everyone that I am passionately wishing myself elsewhere. How can I tell? And wondering about it too much makes me anxious and unhappy, so I do try not to dwell on this kind of thing too often.

Unfortunately, there are times when you are simply stuck. There you are, through no fault of your own, right on the fringes of the Bitch Clique. None of those women are going to talk to you, and so you sit there, alone, trying desperately to remember your real friends, who are nowhere in sight and can’t help you; and trying desperately not to focus on yourself and your aloneness, because that will only make you more upset and you really just want to be in that place where you know you are a good and worthwhile person, even when the people immediately around you can’t see that, and not care what they think, but there you are, and it just isn’t time to leave yet. Yes. I am too sensitive. And I don’t really think there’s much hope, anymore, that I will grow out of it.

The kind of amusing part is the assumption that prevails in Bitch Cliques; the assumption that because you are quiet, you are also blind and deaf. It would clearly be the act of a sneak and a varlet to go around telling tales on people. Still, I wonder about some friendships. I wonder if they would still exist if some of those women knew the way their very dear friends talk about them behind their backs, within the hearing of someone who doesn’t count because she doesn’t talk.

I mean, I talk about other people too. I’m not that high-minded. But I only talk about other people when I am very sure I can’t be overheard.

I know those quiet types. I’m one of them. I know how much you hear and see when you are on the outside. And I know quite a few people who should think before they open their mouths and start talking about their very dear friends.

So it’s kind of funny and sad when you see them posing in a photo on social media.

Because you are the quiet one, and you know what you’ve heard.

Love you and leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

Existential Angst

I’ll tell you what: never be flip about your existential crisis on social media. You will get no sympathy whatsoever, and all you will get are comments exhorting you to change your haircut or get a tattoo.

I guess people don’t look for or expect subtlety on That Certain Social Media Site. I mean, for heaven’s sake, even if you’re joking about your existential angst, you’re still feeling it. And, well, angst, you know. It’s not a very fun feeling to have. Masking pain with flippancy is evidently way too subtle for the world of facebook.  As I have discovered to my cost.

Fortunately for me, I’ve got this lovely little blog here, where I can wax queenishly dramatic about existential angst. For me, angst is a state of being where you are seriously questioning every decision you’ve ever made (“Should I have gone to school for a second graduate degree? Why didn’t I make my own career more of a priority when I was first starting out?”), you are feeling slightly unsettled and unhappy in your current state and are not really sure what you want to do about it, and you are wondering, with trepidation, what the future holds, and what decisions you might or might not make to get you to a happier spot. Added to this is the fear that any changes you make might inadvertently lead you to an even less happy spot than where you are now. Angst, I’m telling you. Angst.

Maybe this is merely a mid-life crisis. Well, whatever. That term doesn’t even come near to reaching the level of internal drama that is boiling away while I am trying to figure out my path forward, while functioning on the surface as a nice level-headed adult. I will be a drama queen and refer to my emotional state as existential angst. And this is my blog, and I can be a drama queen if I want. There.

And darn it, we just don’t live in an era where I can ship aboard the Pequod and spend the next part of my life on a fiendish search for a great white whale. Ishmael was very fortunate in that respect. I imagine you stop contemplating the ills of the universe while you’re busy dodging harpoons and hanging on to the mast by your fingertips.

Oh, look, now I’m being flippant about existential angst AND about Moby Dick. But you all know that I’m only laughing on the outside right now, and you will be kinder to me than those shallow souls on facebook.

Won’t you?

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

Clean Sweep

Well, I did it. I just “unfollowed” a whole bunch of people on That Certain Social Media Site. Yesterday, for some reason (could it be the weather?), seemed to be a day for a couple of people to become conspicuously unpleasant on that site.

For example, one person announced that she was going to rant. She made it clear from the beginning, in case any of us had any doubt, that she was going to offend people and she didn’t care.

Well, my goodness. Why didn’t she  just update her status in all-caps and declare “I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS! I ONLY CARE ABOUT MINE!” Because that’s pretty much the subtext when you decide you’re going to rant on social media.

The subject of her rant? Parents in our community who have the effrontery to apply to send their children to our district’s most desirable elementary school. How terrible of people to take advantage of the school district’s interenrollment policy. Without even giving their home school a try!

Joy. It’s back to school time, and time for parents to get all judgy on other parents about what decisions they make about where to send their kids to school.

Guys: It is fully none of your business. You have no freaking idea what motivates people to make the decisions they make about where they send their kids to school. You are being arrogant when you judge other people, and assume that you know why they’re doing what they’re doing. You don’t.

I probably don’t need to clarify that I didn’t actually say any of this on That Certain Social Media Site. People can post whatever nonsense they wish there, and that’s fine. I’m not into starting flame wars.

That’s what this blog is for. My sarcastic alter ego gets her voice, right here on this precious little blog of mine.

I just “unfollowed” her. People have every right to say whatever they want on social media.

Just don’t expect me to listen.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy


Please, everyone. Stop with the selfies. You don’t look that much different than you did last week.

Maybe I’m just bitter because I don’t have a sleek, cool smartPhone with which to snap infinite selfies. I’d like to think that isn’t it. I guess we’ll find out when I give up my clunky LG3 for something newer.

But am I honestly the only person who finds it annoying when my newsfeed on That Certain Social Media Site is one long track of selfies? I’m in my early forties, and to me, a selfie is the online equivalent of shouting, “Look at me!” Shouting “Look at me!” stops being cute somewhere about the middle of elementary school, in my opinion. What’s with all the grinning adults panting for our attention? Seriously, settle down. You all remind me of overenthusiastic Golden Retrievers. And I don’t mean that as a compliment.

Then there are the permutations of selfies. For example, Madonna and Child. This can be charming if it isn’t done too often, and if the child isn’t sick, and it’s not accompanied by some cloyingly adorable caption. Sad how many of these don’t manage any of that. If I were the Queen of Social Media, Madonna and Child selfies would be strictly limited to the child’s birthday. Please note that this is an event that only occurs once a year.

And then there are the vacation selfies, with the photographer artistically posed against a really beautiful background. Oh, my. Aren’t you lucky! Aren’t we lucky,too…. we really felt the need for proof positive that you truly were on the beach all that time. And now, look! You’ve provided us with proof! And it’s just so artistic!

The worst offenders are, of course, the double couple selfies. Really! Nobody wants to see you looking that happy together! If you’re really that rapturous in person, well, all right then, that’s the way you feel and I suppose you can’t help it. But glowing rapture, two faces to a frame, on purpose to show the world just what a joyous couple you are? No. Just no. And the ones that are posed with one lover giving her honey a smooch? Ugh. It’s called privacy. Give it a try!

There are a lot of social media behaviors I can’t imagine ever doing myself. For example, I can’t imagine ever taking a picture of something that I cooked. Unless it was my kids posing with my Easter bunny cake or something. And my kids are too old for that now. Would it surprise you to hear that I can’t ever imagine myself posting a random selfie for no good reason? It’s embarrassing enough when I change my outdated profile picture and everybody notices. But going out of my way to get people’s reactions on purpose? No freaking way.

Simply too precious for words, all of this.

It’s possible, of course, that writing a blog is narcissistic as well. Still, part of the reason I’m doing it is so I can become a better writer. I doubt all those other people have a burning ambition to become better selfie photographers.

If so, they’ve got a long way to go.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

Another List!

Today on That Certain Social Media Site I found another list that inspires me to make my own. Because I’m a blogger, and I can.

The Jane Austen Society of North America posted a link to a list of 100 (Oh, look! A nice round number!) Best Fictional Characters. The full title of the list includes “From Sherlock Holmes to Jane Eyre,” which is kind of funny because neither of those characters actually made the list. Dr. Watson got a nod, but Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester are both conspicuous by their absence. Grace Poole, well, you probably wouldn’t expect her anyway.

I was very pleased to find Flora Poste and Margaret Schlegel on the list. And I was disproportionately pleased that someone chose Bigwig from Watership Down (even though I like Blackberry better). I mean, Bigwig is a rabbit in a book where most of the characters are rabbits, for heaven’s sake, but nobody who has read Watership Down will ever forget him. Also, I’ve been worrying a little of late that Watership Down is fading into obscurity. It’s nice to get a shoutout for one of my favorite books when I worry that nobody’s reading it anymore.

You know, I think a better title for their list would have been “Favorite Fictional Characters of 100 Literary People” because that’s really what it is. They don’t define the term “best” at all. Are the best characters the most likable, the ones with which we identify the most, or the most memorable?

Why is it that people who publish lists so rarely define their parameters? Probably because they can get away with being lazy because nobody cares. At least it certainly appears that nobody cares, given the way these lists propagate themselves over the social media. Still, I feel it’s important to maintain standards, even on a silly little Internet blog. So I will thoughtfully consider my parameters before I publish my list of best characters.

As with my previous list, there will be as many characters as I say there are. Lists with round numbers are so last year. Or the year before. In any case, I am so cutting-edge I don’t need round numbers.

Well, you know what’s coming now. I wanted to give you all notice so you can look forward to it.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy

Not Needed

Ah, summer. Social media are just blooming with vacation pictures and advice about Great Beach Reads.

Right, uh-huh. I am currently reading Balzac’s The Country Doctor and I have Anthony Trollope’s The Way We Were next in line. I like reading classics over the summer. I like reading them all year round, really, but I’ve never understood why summer is universally regarded as the time to turn off your brain and read trash. Is it some weird hangover from having summer vacation when we were children?

Anyway, my favorite beach book is George Eliot’s Middlemarch. I often bring Middlemarch on vacation with me, because it’s a book I love and that I can’t finish during my vacation. There’s nothing worse, for me, than finishing my book halfway through my vacation and having nothing to read. Of  course, what always happens is that I have to buy another book to finish out the vacation, but then I have two books to haul around in my luggage and I’m a compulsively light packer. So my copy of Middlemarch is well-traveled indeed. William Thackeray’s Vanity Fair  is another good vacation book, but I contend that Middlemarch is the greater novel. In Vanity Fair, the bad characters stay bad and the good characters stay good and there’s no development. You never know what anybody’s going to do next in Middlemarch, besides which I love Dorothea.

So quit bugging me about Beach Reads. I’m not going to the beach, anyway, this summer.

Because the social media experience often makes me feel bitter and angry, here’s my list of Things I Wish Were Not on the social media. I don’t know how many there will be on this list. There could be quite a lot, I suspect, except I do try to control myself. Here goes:

1) Lists of Great Beach Reads

2) More than one vacation picture from any one vacation. Seriously, we know you’re in the South of France or whatever. We don’t need every detail.

3) Couple double selfies. Or should that be Double couple selfies? Well, you know what I mean. The annoying close-ups of the happy couple just glowing with joy at being framed in an iPhone shot together. Too precious for words, especially for my married peers celebrating double-digit wedding anniversaries. Get a room, guys.

4) Shared posts that try to guilt you into sharing, too, by hinting that anyone who doesn’t go ahead and click that share button is somehow callous or uncaring. Gosh, it’s just sharing some dumb online postcard quotation. No obligation there.

5) Disgusting posts that want to tell about what Mommy found on the floor at 4 am when her child had the stomach flu or what is going on with a two-year-old’s learning curve when she is learning what most two-year-olds learn and what most parents of two-year-olds can’t shut up about. I simply can’t fathom why people reply to posts like this. I mean, ew.

Hey, look! I’ve decided on a nice short list of five things. Believe me, it could go on, as do so many things in the social media. My mother, for example, just forwarded me this immensely long, seemingly-endless nostalgia email of photos depicting pop culture items from the 40s and 50s. And she wants me to share them with my daughter. I, a gen-xer, couldn’t make myself get even halfway through. No way is my millennial daughter spending any serious time scrolling through all that. No way on earth.

So go read a classic novel this summer. Whether you’re on the beach or not.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy