Spiritual Musings

Just Do It

Oh, the joy of forcing myself to write a new blog entry when I don’t have anything to say. It’s tough to feel that I’m putting my worst self out there for everyone to see some days, you know? I can’t escape the feeling that it’s my worst self revealed when I’m forcing myself to keep to the discipline of updating a blog.

It’s probably why I write under a pseudonym. Don’t you think?

Oh, wait, I just thought of something that doesn’t make me sound like a misanthropic, sarcastic little termagant (and yes, I did look on an online thesaurus for a better noun to describe myself than the one that first came to mind, based on the conviction that profanity is lazy and unimaginative. “Termagant” is much better, is it not?)

Today at church was the Laetare Sunday service, described on the back of the order of service in this way: “The time between the Vernal Equinox and April 1st was frequently a time when the normal ways of doing things were turned upside down. It is a time that honors the place of humor and laughter in human living–especially in our religious lives. Laetare Sunday celebrates this time on the fourth Sunday in Lent, traditionally a Sunday that provides some relief from the overly serious Lenten oeuvre.”

(Oh, look. I used up some space in this blog entry by quoting someone else. It inspires me to keep going!)

Well, it turns out that our minister really let his goofy side have free rein during this morning’s service. After we sang the children out to Sunday school, off came the dignified black robes to reveal a crazy tie-dyed shirt, beads, and a sparkling stole. And the whole service was done in this spirit of levity and general nuttiness. Plenty of talk about God and the human condition, in a completely April-foolish way.

But then, at the end there, it was back to the black robes and dignity. And a more serious spiritual message about how laughter and recognition of our own foolish limitations bring us near to God. Except he probably didn’t say God, because we don’t always at my church. I think, during the prayer, God is called “Nameless One of Many Names.” Which seems about right to me.

Well, let me tell you, I’m pretty sure it takes a pretty talented minister to slam laughter and solemnity together like that, all in the same service.

I’m full of gratitude for my minister and my congregation today. And for the human connections that enrich our lives.

Even some of them from That Certain Social Media Site.

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy