j.k. rowling

Three Little Bookshops

I’m seeing a lot of bookish types writing and commenting about the whole Amazon Versus Hachette battle, and it made me realize my good fortune. My good fortune is living in a community with not one, not two, but *three* independently-owned bookstores within a couple of  miles of my house. Within walking distance, even, when I’m feeling particularly active.

I, my dears, have options.

Yes, it’s true. I won’t get my book choices in two days flat. It’ll be more like five to eight business days. I will have to actually go out and run an errand to get my books, because they will not be delivered to my door. And I will not get the rock-bottom cheapest prices on the two books I’m hoping to own by the end of this week.

Well, no money can buy the feeling of moral righteousness that I get from buying local from an indie bookshop. I’m well-known at one of them, slightly lesser known at the other two. And I’ll never get any of that warm fuzzy stuff from pointing and clicking online.

I don’t buy books often, anyway. The public library is my very good friend. I won’t buy a book until I’ve read it more than twice, which means I know I will read it at least twice more over my lifetime. Notable exceptions are the Harry Potter books, the Series of Unfortunate Events books, and any of the Thief books by Megan Whalen Turner.

I still have plenty of books at home. People will keep buying them for me.

And I read a lot, which means there are rather a lot of books that I have read more than twice. I’m in the double digits for any of Jane Austen’s six novels.

How weird does this make me? (Oh, look. My blog post is all about me. Again.) I don’t know anyone, except my fellow Janeites, who read books over and over again. Does anyone else do this?

If you read the same books over and over, please comment and tell me what they are. If you want to wax lyrical about how wonderful your favorite books can be upon the seventh reading, please feel free to do so.

Thank you so much.

Love  you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy