Look at All That Snow

I live in Northeast Ohio, and I have to say that I find That Certain Social Media Site exceptionally tedious when we are experiencing winter weather.

I am not a big fan of winter. I am not a big fan of snow. We shovel our driveway by hand, we shovel our sidewalks by hand, and our hundred-year-old house gets chilly when it’s cold out. I get very nervous about driving in snow, slush, and ice; and I live in an inner-ring suburb that is locally infamous for being slow in getting around to plowing and salting. This is supposedly because we don’t have a lot of industry OR the tax base that goes with it, to pay for plow trucks.

So then, cheery little posts about all the pretty snow falling? Don’t want to hear it. Chirpy little photos of adorable dogs playing in the snow? Save them for someone who cares. Smug little posts from people who can work from home and just need to sit back by the fireside and watch the flakes come down while they wait for their plow service to clear the driveway? Please just stop. Please.

Why, yes, I am being grouchy and bitter. That’s what this blog and this pseudonym are for. In real life, I quietly scroll through these kinds of posts, not liking them, definitely not commenting on them, just lurking about and being mildly irritated. This blog is where I vent, when it all just becomes too much.

To continue, I notice that pretty snowscapes seem to bring out the amateur photographer in an awful lot of people. You all probably are not being as artistic as you think you are, guys. I can see it all outside my window, without any help from you. Thanks anyway.

Finally, and possibly most irritating of all, are the people who make an event out of second-guessing school districts who decided to close the schools, or decided to keep the schools open, or decided on, Horror of Horrors! a two-hour late start. The superintendent isn’t going to change her mind just because you people are moaning about her decisions on social media, people. Yes, it is inconvenient to have your day disrupted, but being a parent means figuring it out on the fly sometimes. You may also want to consider the possibility that what is going on with plowing on your street may not be representative of the plowing that has taken place in other parts of your school district.

Man, I really dislike winter a whole heaping lot. As heaping as those two giant banks of snow on either side of my driveway. I can’t wait to heave new shovelfuls of heavy snow up to my shoulders to clear my driveway the next time around. Hooray.

Also, I hate it that we live in a walking community, and most people don’t shovel their sidewalks.

Well, I guess that’s it. You can see why I have the pseudonym, can’t you?

Love you & leave you,

Hobbie DeHoy